What is our goal?

Sheriffhales and Community Renewable Energy Committee (SaCREC) is a registered Charity with the Charities Commission (Reg no 1176923). It's role is to receive funds arising from the operation of the 3.2Mw community owned solar farm situated in Sheriffhales and to distribute them to qualifying projects for the benefit of the Sheriffhales Parish and its residents.

"So far, as of May 2020, a total of £150,600 has been received as Community benefit funds"

How it works?

Sheriffhales Solar Farm was commissioned in July 2017 and has been producing an average of 3.2MwHrs per year of Green Electricity, supported by the Feed In Tariff (FIT) grant from the Government. It is built on approximately XX acres of low grade agricultural land rented from Attwell Park Farm, Sheriffhales. The FIT grant lasts for 25 years from commissioning date, which means SaCREC will benefit from funds generated until July 2042. It sits next to a commercially run Solar Farm of 5Mw operated by BPLightsource.

In order to obtain planning permission for the 8.2Mw total project, the planning authority required that 3.2Mw of the scheme be placed into the hands of the Community and that any profit be distributed for the benefit of the Community. SaCREC is the nominated Charity who carry out this duty.

Drone footage of the 3.2Mw Community owned solar project

The Community owned Solar Project shown in footage (the Commercially operated 5Mw Solar project can be glimpsed just to the right)