Q: What we do and why we do it?

SaCREC Trustees meet on a regular basis during the year to discuss project applications seeking financial support. Each application is assessed on it's individual merits and a vote is taken by the Trustees as to whether funding will be granted and the terms under which the funding is given. Meetings are minuted and they can be viewed here.

Q: Who do I contact?

In the first instance an email sent to the address listed in the contact section of this website. SaCREC will then be in touch with the relevant documentation needed for a Project submission.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what you fund?

The Project should be for the benefit of the Sheriffhales Parish Community and be sited within the Parish boundary. Projects should be clearly defined as to the budget requirements and scope from concept to completion. Other than this, there are no restrictions as to the nature of the Project and each application will be considered on it's own merits.

Q: Does the project need to be in the Parish of Sheriffhales?

Yes it does.

Q: Is there an upper limit of what you will fund?

SaCREC receive funds each year depending on the performance of the Community Solar Project. A reserve is retained to cover Charity overheads, the remainder is intended for distribution to successful projects. The value of any submission will be determined by the available funds and the overall cost of the Project. It may be that part funding or match funding of a Project could be considered.

Q: Are the Trustees remunerated for their time?

Each Trustee gives their time freely to SaCREC on a voluntary basis. Legitimate expenses where incurred are reimbursed